Introvert-Friendly Steps Towards Political Activism

Hi there! My name is Emily and I’m so excited to guest write this blog post for you today! A little about me: I’m a recent college graduate who majored in Politics & International Relations, and I currently work in media. I am extremely passionate about social justice and believe others should be too! However, I often hear from people that they feel intimidated by the political or social justice realm and don’t know how or where to start.

Especially in the current state of political affairs, political activism and mobilization are crucial. As such, I wanted to create a short list of easy ways for anyone to get involved and make a difference — including introverts!

1) Contact your representatives

This is a task that often seems daunting to many, especially to introverts. Despite being an extrovert, I had quite a bit of phone anxiety while growing up. Now there are many ways to contact your representatives without having to call or leave a voice message! If you’re not comfortable calling, try:

  • emailing your representatives. If you don’t know them, you can find them on the government websites: & 
  • downloading an app. Countable finds your representatives for you and you can compose messages to send to them within the app.
  • using ResistBot. ResistBot is an awesome new tool — all you have to do is text “RESIST” to 50409. It’ll ask your name and automatically compose and send messages to your representatives based on your location. It’s customizable based on issues you care about!


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How to Build Lasting Friendships As An Introvert

Friendships are easy until you start building a career and/or family. Making friends a priority is even tougher when you’re an introvert. You get peopled out from work or classes. When you finally have free time, you’re forced to choose between solitude & friends. Check out this post on how to build lasting friendships while still tending to your introverted needs. #friends #friendship #friendshipgoalsDo you find yourself losing friends every time you choose yourself first?

I used to be a chronic people pleaser. I loved making those around me happy–even if it meant losing a little bit of myself in exchange. If my friends were meeting at the library for a group study, I’d be there. Even if I got flustered in groups. If my friends invited me to hang out, I’d be there. Even if I was already peopled out from classes.

Once I started putting my personal goals first, I saw my friends slip away. I still made it out to big events, like birthdays and the occasional party. But my friends were hanging out almost every day. By the time I mustered up the energy to hang with them, tons of inside jokes already accumulated. I felt like an outsider.

It was hard for me to grasp how they had the energy to chase their goals & still see their friends all the time. Why couldn’t I be there for my friends as much as I wanted to? I didn’t want to choose between my friends and my future.

I now know this guilt is not unique to me. Choosing yourself is a huge life transition for everyone, introverts & extroverts alike. Although it could be isolating for introverts.

Unfortunately, I haven’t found the secret sauce to preserve every friendship I’ve made. Some of those friends slipped away & remained out of touch. Thanks to social media, I’ve reconnected with a few others.

In this post, I’m sharing what I find helpful in my current friendships (and what I wish I did in the past) to create lasting friendships.


Understand the difference between introversion & extroversion

Extroverts find energy in catching up with friends or meeting coworkers for drinks. Ambiverts can create a balance between solitude and socializing. And both are able to bounce back after being around others.

On the other hand, introverts require solitude to recharge after a long day at work or school. Going out can mean pushing themselves past their limits. Often having a social hangover and taking a full day, if not days to recover. Not to mention the time it takes to mentally prepare themselves before going out.


Determine your social limits

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Time Management Tips for Introverts: Career

Scheduling your day for success? Time management is tough. It’s even tougher for introverts who get drained from social interaction. Check out this post for schedule organization tips & career advice for introverts!There are many career-oriented introverts out there. Willing to put their career first and their needs last in order to land the next job/promotion. Often this means pretending to be an extrovert.

Engage in small talk or make a grand speech? As long as it makes me look good in front of the boss! Attend every networking event? I can’t miss the opportunity to meet important people in my field!

“Making it” in your career is all about sacrifice, right?

Yes, your career may require sacrifice. But pretending you’re an extrovert is not sustainable. It’s okay to do it every now and then. But there will always be a new project you want to lead or another promotion. And you will burn out.

You can get out of your comfort zone & grow while still being considerate of your needs. 

Here are my top 10 time management tips for career-oriented introverts that help you work smarter, not harder. As I said in the self-care version of this post: “To me, time management for introverts means making time work for you. Being aware of when your energy levels are at their peak (and at their lowest) is key for time management.


1. Plan focus blocks of “mindful” activities, like studying or working on projects, before social events — this ensures your energy levels are at their peak for optimal focus

2. Be in solitude before an important event that requires focus (exam, quiz, meeting, interview, work, etc.), you’ll save energy & avoid getting flustered by other people

3. Schedule a job interview on a day you don’t plan to socialize & at a time you have the most energy (for me, it’s 1.5-2 hours after I wake up)

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Topshop Petite Sale (7/10-7/13)

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This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase anything through them, I will get a small referral fee and you will be supporting me & my blog at no extra cost to you, so thank you!

Here are my faves from the petite sale:

  • I’ve been asked where I get jeans & work pants since I’m 4’11”. I love buying mom jeans & work pants from Topshop! I size up in my mom jeans to size 2 and get work pants in my normal size 0. You can find them on sale below!

Here’s how Topshop’s petite mom jeans look on me:

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Surviving Hostel Life As An Introvert

Here you are planning your perfect adventure and getting super pumped, when you realize that to make this trip work, you’ll have to sleep in hostels. Yup, those “hotels” where they cram as many broke travellers as they can into one space for a cheap price and have the audacity to call an experience!

I was so anxious the first time I checked into a hostel. I hoped I had chosen well and that my roommates were normal people. It turned out to be a pretty amazing and eye opening first adventure. Since then, I’ve had good and not so good experiences, but never really bad ones. I think my hostel stays are quite positive because I mentally prepare beforehand.

To ensure that you not only survive your next hostel stay, but actually have a great time, I’ve put together a list of things that I always like to remind myself of before I leave.

So first and foremost, do your research. Being in a hostel constantly surrounded by people can be a challenge in itself, so don’t go and stick yourself in the wrong environment on top of that. Know exactly what type of atmosphere you are looking for and please don’t force yourself to stay in hostels only because of budget. Hostels are used for the social aspect of connecting with like minded travellers, but there are all types of hostels out there. Make sure you don’t land yourself in a party place if what you’re looking for is to recharge.


Be Open Minded

We all have different reasons as to why we travel and we are in no way allowed to judge the motives of others. You will meet all types of people on the road. You should take it as an opportunity to learn. I’ve met groups of young party girls as well as 60 year old women in hostels. It’s interesting to get to know everyone and to approach them without judgment.

Don’t feel forced to interact with someone if you aren’t feeling their vibe. Just remember that travelers come from all types of backgrounds and talking with someone that you wouldn’t normally approach might open your mind up to different perspectives. You might be completely different people, but you traveled to the same destination, so you have at least one thing in common!

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