About Me

I’m a petite introvert empowering other introverts to make a difference.

But you’re wondering, “What makes her qualified to do that?!”

Truth is, I’m not your typical introvert. And if I’m honest, no one really is.

We all have the power to choose to be quiet or loud, shy or outgoing, thoughtful or self-serving–however and whenever we please.

Sometimes, we are passionate enough to speak up. Other times, we don’t feel comfortable and shy away. Often, we can surprise ourselves and others by choosing to say or do something unexpected.

I started this blog to help you:

  1. Conquer your fears and break through introvert stereotypes in order to live your best life
  2. Remind you that no matter how you decide to live your life, you have the right to that choice. No guilt, shame, or outside pressure can take that away from you.

Now, back to why I’m qualified to empower other introverts to make a difference.

I’ve conquered fears and broke through introvert stereotypes myself.

I’ve grown from:

  • Small circle of friends in high school → Active member of large student organizations in college
  • Quiet at meetings and social events → Vice President of Membership for a large student organization
  • Unable to finish a speech without stuttering or crying → President of my close-knit sorority, making speeches and spearheading meetings
  • Awkward at networking events and conferences → President of the second largest organization at my pharmacy school

Things I haven’t changed:

  • I still don’t spontaneously raise my hand at meetings or work up a room at social events
  • I’m still awkward at networking events and conferences
  • I still prefer staying at home
  • I still dread making speeches
  • I still struggle with guilt, shame, and outside pressure influencing my choices and redirecting my path in life

I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to give up who you are in order to be what you want to be.

I dreamed of being a leader. And now, I won’t hesitate to call myself one. Even if I don’t fit into the stereotype of a leader.

As my ultimate shipped couple, Jafael, would ask: “Am I being practical or brave?”

I’ve chosen to be practical. And I’ve chosen to be brave.

When I’m exhausted from attending literally one meeting, I’ll choose to be practical and sit out the social event later.

When I’m too terrified to speak in front of a group of people, I’ll choose to be brave and still make that speech to run for president.

All of those decisions made me who I am today. A homebody and a traveler. A quiet leader. And an introverted B.A. — just like you.

We came. We saw. We left early and still killed it.

And whether you choose to be practical or brave, I’m here to be your support and guidance. Seriously–email me whenever you want to vent or need an outsider’s perspective on anything!!!

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Now that you know I’m an introvert on a mission, here’s what you can expect from my blog:

  • Information: real-life experience and heavily researched
  • Honesty: gentle with a hint of brutal
  • Simplicity: straightforward and no BS
  • Value: quality over quantity, always
  • Authenticity: this blog is literally me in content form

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me!

Come say hi on Instagram or email me, so I can get to know you! To start off, let me know your favorite TV shows and go-to comfort food! My favorite TV shows are Jane the Virgin and anything by Shonda Rhimes, and my go-to comfort food is ice cream, specifically Cold Stone’s cake batter flavor with Reese’s, almonds, chocolate syrup, and banana (yes, I get fancy with my desserts). Here’s a picture of it:


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