Air Travel: A Petite Woman’s Perspective

There’s another side to air travel that petite women go through. Amidst all the chaos, petite women deal with more B.S. than you can imagine. Thankfully, we also have some “small” wins over you tall peeps.

1. Being mistaken for a child

I don’t know about you, but when I’m at an airport, I’m dressed for comfort. I usually have little to no makeup on, sweatpants, a tee, and sneakers. Nothing indicates that I’m a grown woman, especially my baby face. The last time I flew alone, the attendant asked, “Is anyone else with you?” before looking at my passport to find that I have 25 years in my pocket.

2. Security thinking you have a fake passport

I know security officers are known for cracking jokes, but maaaan do they get a kick out of my age. They never fail to ask “Are you sure you’re not 12?” and “How tall are you?” And you just have to smile with blank eyes because you don’t want to get arrested and miss your flight…

3. Looking cute af next to your carry-on luggage

I love how carry-on luggage looks next to short people. It’s like they were made for us! It may be because I’m small, but I love anything mini. Do you ever walk into Marshall’s and sit on the children’s furniture? I’d buy them all, but they’re actually really expensive for how tiny they are…

4. Being too short to reach the overhead bin

Sometimes I wish I was a bodybuilder so I can throw my carry-on into the overhead bin and call it a day. I get anxious walking into an airplane. As an introvert, I try to avoid human interaction, but I always need to prepare to ask someone to lift my carry-on for me. I like to think of myself as an independent woman, then my height limitations make me feel like a petite princess…

5. Short legs = more space

Air Travel Petite

My favorite advantage is having more leg room. Not only do I get to kick around my legs, but it’s easier for me to get comfy and take a nap. I can roll up into a ball. My torso is short enough that I can lay my head on the folding table and pass out. If I’m too lazy and my seatmate gets up, I just pick up my legs onto the chair so they can walk through.

6. Tiny airplane bathrooms got nothing on us

Airplane bathrooms are tiny, even for petites. So I can’t imagine how taller people manage in there. I’m happy to know that for international flights, I can wash my face & brush my teeth without knocking everything over or banging my head.

7. Looking silly next to large luggage

I may feel like a princess when someone has to lift my luggage into the overhead bin… but when I manhandle my large luggage off the baggage claim carousel, I feel empowered again. I like to think of it as regaining my independent woman status at the end of my air travel journey.

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