Make Muse: Magazine Review

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I grew up OBSESSED with magazines. I collected so many Cosmopolitan and Allure magazines. They were my go-to resource for anything skincare & beauty.

I haven’t bought one in forever. Pinterest replaced magazines for me, but Make Muse is the first magazine I’d recommend & purchase myself in years.

Here’s the 2 main reasons why Make Muse changed my mind about print magazine:

Tired of magazines that encourage poor body image and lack diversity? This print magazine has changed the game. Make Muse promotes body positivity, inclusiveness, women empowerment, and activism. #thefutureisfemale #womenempowerment #bodypositive #bodypositivity #activism #inclusive 

Make Muse reminded me why I used to love print magazine

The past few years I started to realize that I was only consuming content that validated my own thoughts. I know that many others do the same without realizing it.

We’re so used to clicking on online articles that interest us and ignoring those that don’t. How do we learn anything new if we just keep searching for validation?

I love print magazines because I can flip through each page slowly and with intention. I don’t feel rushed because I know that it’s actually possible to scan through each page thoroughly, unlike a never-ending website.

And flipping through it, I remembered why nothing can replace the look of magazine spreads and the finger-to-paper feel.

Make Muse didn’t make me feel icky & underrepresented 

No matter how hard popular magazines try, they can’t hide their true intentions: making money. Of course, making tons of easy money means preying on the insecurities of women of all ages.

I couldn’t support magazines that contributed to poor body image and the lack of diversity & inclusivity in media…which is pretty much all of them.

And if they don’t anymore, it’s probably just because young consumers appreciate diversity and condemn racism, sexism, etc.

I love that Make Muse built their magazine on diversity, inclusivity, and body positivity. They also aren’t afraid to talk about controversial issues from different viewpoints. I finally have one source that I can trust to bring me up-to-date on current issues without sending me through the rabbit hole like websites do.

Make Muse is reinventing print magazine, and I’m so here for it!

I received this magazine for free in exchange for an honest review. YOU can also receive a copy if you enter my giveaway on Instagram–just pay shipping! If you’d like to support Make Muse, click here to buy it on their website.

Interested in writing for Make Muse? They’re always looking for new talent! Click here if you’re interested in contributing to this amazing print magazine. 

Make Muse: Magazine Review


  1. Tarina Touret
    December 12, 2018 / 9:47 pm

    Loved this blog post – I also am really into zines and empowering magazines!

    • Alexis
      December 13, 2018 / 12:20 pm

      Awe I’m so glad you enjoyed it ^_^ Make Muse is everything magazines should aspire to be!!

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