Pike Place Market in A Day for The Gluten-Free Foodie

Pike Place Market is the highlight of every Seattle vacation. You get to experience the best of Seattle all in one place. And it’s no different for the gluten-free foodie!

After you visit the famous Gum Wall & marketplace, you must try the amazing food Pike Place Market has to offer! (Don’t forget to “catch” them throwing fish at the Pike Place Fish Market!)

Here are the top 3 places I recommend for gluten-free foodies. Perfect for those that only have one day at Pike Place Market. Even if I had 3 days, I’d still go back for more!

Disclaimer: My recommendations are for those with gluten intolerance or sensitivity that can handle cross-contamination and may NOT be an option for those with Celiac Disease.

Pike Place Chowder

Pike Place Chowder should be your first foodie stop at Pike Place Market. It serves America’s #1 chowder! Thankfully, it’s also located in the heart of Seattle where they care about food preferences & sensitivities.

They have a vegan & gluten-free chowder: Lime & Coconut Chowder. It tastes amazing, and the best part is that you get to enjoy a Seattle favorite with your friends!

Sorry if I teased you with the lobster sandwich. It’s not gluten-free! (My boyfriend is bread-tolerant & a self-proclaimed dough boy)

Cinnamon Works

Cinnamon Works is the perfect stop for a quick snack at Pike Place Market. They’re one of the few scratch bakeries left in Seattle.

They’ve been serving vegan, gluten-free, & sugar-free treats since 1983. And it shows in their gluten-free mastery!

If you have other food allergies/intolerances like I do, Cinnamon Works makes sure you’re worry-free! They list all the ingredients right in front of you. They even have red tape to separate the gluten-free goodies!

Must try: Their cookies! Their Monster cookie literally has everything in it. I also love their Pumpkin cookie & Annie’s Chip (chocolate chip) cookie, especially when they’re straight out of the oven!

Pike Place Market Pink Door - Linguine Alle Vongole

The Pink Door

I’ve tried a handful of gluten-free options at Italian restaurants, but many of them use corn flour as alternatives (did I say I’m allergic to corn, too?). Pink Door offers corn-free & gluten-free pasta. It also has the amazing seafood cuisine you’d expect from Seattle!

My favorite is their Linguine Alle Vongole. It comes with baby clams, pancetta, garlic, chilis, white wine, & gluten-free penne pasta–just ask!

Must try: La Fettunta (grilled garlic bread)–ask for gluten-free bread! They use Udi’s bread, which I love & trust enough to eat daily at home!

I also love how discreet the entrance is. There’s no huge sign pointing to the restaurant. The only thing giving away its location is the pink door.

Despite its discreet appearance, the door opens to a grand stairway, leading down to the gorgeous & cozy restaurant. A memorable dining experience for gluten-free & gluten-full foodies alike!

They even have nightly entertainment for free (except tickets must be bought for their Saturday night cabaret & burlesque show). Their entertainment is engaging & ranges from live music to trapeze artists! It’s an amazing way to end the day at Pike Place Market.

For the rest of your Seattle trip, check out these places to eat, drink, & treat yo’self to dessert!

Pike Place Market is the must-see tourist spot in Seattle. The great part is that you don’t have to miss out if you’re gluten-intolerant! This is a one-day guide to the best gluten-free places to eat for lunch, dinner, and dessert. You won’t want to miss out on these! #glutenfree #seattleglutenfree #glutenfreeseattle #glutenintolerant #glutenallergy
Pike Place Market in A Day for The Gluten-Free Foodie

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