Blogging Resources

Starting a blog can be just as frustrating as it is exhilarating. Thankfully, I was on medical leave from pharmacy school when I started. Soooo I had all the time in the world to sift through the BS on Google & Pinterest, and I found exactly what I needed to make my blog successful!

Here are all my resources, tools, & ebooks I’ve bought & recommend wholeheartedly if you’re looking to save time & have everything you need from the start!

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Where to Start

  • The She Approach: Boosting Your Blog Traffic ($25 ebook): Ana’s blogging strategies are everything I needed to stay on the right track to bloggingsuccess. She covers the basics that you’ll find spread through thousands of blogging pins on Pinterest. She also walks you through her secrets to maximize your blog’s reach! I highly recommend this to new bloggers & bloggers that feel like they’ve tried everything but haven’t seen the results they deserve. I bought this after 2 months of blogging (& frantic researching every day). And I really hate to sound so generic, but I wish I’d bought this on the day I decided to take my blogging seriously. I constantly refer to this whenever I want clear direction on how to move forward with my blog. Tons of tips & totally worth the money–it even comes with a $30 bonus in the form of 2 months of Tailwind!











Content Distribution



  • The She Approach: Making Pinterest Possible ($35 ebook): I bought this Pinterest book the moment Ana announced its release. If you’re gaining the majority of your traffic through Pinterest (like most bloggers do) but you know you have so much more potential for a greater reach, you must get this. It’s literally all you need to start & finish creating your Pinterest strategy without spending hundreds of dollars on a course. I highly recommend this!