To All The Boys I Loved Before – 30 Reasons Lara Jean Covey is The Most Relatable Introvert

Disclaimer: This post contains major SPOILERS!! Pin for later so you can fangirl over Lara Jean Covey after you watch To All The Boys I Loved Before on Netflix!


1. She lives in a fantasy world

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2. She’ll go on group trips but stay inside with her books & Korean face masks

Netflix / via @tatbilbscene


3. Driving makes her feel flustered

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4. She likes drama–as long as it’s all in her head

Netflix / via @tatbilbs


5. Being totally against the idea of meeting new people

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6. Her face and body language say everything

Netflix / via @toalltheboysscenes


7. Staying home > party

Netflix / via @xoxolarajean


8. She expresses herself through fashion

Netflix / via @ljskavinsky


9. She’s awkward af at parties and in groups

Netflix / via @itstoalltheboys


10. She’s clumsy af

Netflix / via @tatbilbscene


11. The extrovert that adopted her and is her only best friend

Netflix / via @ljskavinsky


12. She’s quiet but has strong opinions when asked

Netflix / via @tatbilbscene


13. Family drama is the only drama she willingly allows into her life (until Peter Kavinsky, of course)

Netflix / via @allexcaas


14. That one extroverted family member

Netflix / via @ljskavinsky


15. She protects her feelings

Netflix / via @coveyletters


16. She’s perfectly okay with being invisible

Netflix / via @tatbilbs


17. One small moment of connection can stay with her forever

Netflix / via @toalltheboysdiaries


18. The internal panic when your one friend isn’t at school

Netflix / via @toalltheboysposts


19. She goes out–just alone or with her family

Netflix / via @toalltheboys_scenes


20. She attracts bullies

Netflix / via @dailypeterk


21. She doesn’t like asking for help–unless there’s some sort of social contract

Netflix / via @ljskavinsky


22. She speaks in questions

Netflix / via @tatbihlbfeed


23. She’s aware of all the drama around her but refuses to participate

Netflix / via @tatbilbscene


24. She’d rather write out her feelings than say them out loud

Netflix / via @tatbilbs


25. She makes sure to practice important conversations in the comfort of her room

Netflix / via @ncentineo_22


26. She’s quiet but knows how to stand up for herself

Netflix / via @toalltheboys_scenes


27. People think she’s stuck-up

Netflix / via @kavinskyscenes


28. She reacts rather than instigates

Netflix / via @toalltheboysfeed


29. You either know nothing or everything about her–there’s no in-between

Netflix / via @lovelettersbylarajean


30. Her bedroom is her sanctuary & a reflection of her life

Netflix / via @lanacondxr


And one bonus reason I relate to her as a petite introvert:

1. People tend to pick me up without asking

Netflix / via @itstoalltheboys


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Lara Jean Covey is the main character of the Netflix Original: To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. From her quirky personality to her aesthetic, Lara Jean is the most relatable Introvert. Disclaimer: This post is filled with SPOILERS!!! Pin for later so you can fangirl over Lana Condor (who plays Lara Jean Covey) after you finally find out who Peter Kavinsky is! #toalltheboysivelovedbefore #peterkavinsky #netflixmovies #introvert #introvertlife



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